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Cinestaan ​​Writing Competition Rules and Regulation I upload a video about the Cinestan Writing Competition on December 2, 2018. Many people ask about rules and regulations about the competition. So, I make a video on the rules and regulation of the Cinestone Writing Competition.

Cinestaan ​​Writing Contest Rules and Regulation
Cinestaan ​​Contest Rules and Regulation

This competition will be held in two rounds and the winners will be announced at the end of second round

First round (film summary)

Participants will need to present a basic story developed and created by the participant

Participant (either alone or as a team of maximum 2 co-authors)

Not every summary should be more than 2500 words

The first round will start from 22nd October 2018 and will end on 22nd January 2019. Date extended to 12 February 2019

Second round (script / script)

Selected participants of the first round will be notified about their qualification through email

Qualifying participants will need to present a script or script which will be an extended sequence by the visual narrative of their film story in the first film.

The “script” / “script” industry standard format should have a maximum of 120 pages


Jurors will select 5 (five) winners

Winners will be awarded a cash prize (which will be included in taxes)

First prize: only 25 lakhs

Second prize: only ten lakh rupees

Third prize: only seven lakh rupees

Fourth prize: only five lakh rupees

Fifth award: only three lakh rupees


Age: Participants must be at least 18 years of age or older

Nationality: Participants should be of Indian nationality; Non-resident Indians, and foreign national of Indian origin are also allowed to participate

You can enter English, Roman Hindi or Devanagari for the purpose of competition.

Along with the film summary, script / script should be registered with the Screen Writers Association (“SWA”)

Date and deadline

Opening application: October 22, 2018

Last day for submission of application form, film story and payment: 22 January 2019

Second Round: Start Date – March 2019 and end date May 2019

the payment

Admission per entry for the script competition is INR 1500 / – (Fifteen hundred rupees only) and GST @ 18%

There is no separate charge for participating in the video pitch contest

This is a non-refundable amount even if you are ineligible and / or withdrawing your submissions voluntarily

Payment can be made only through debit card, credit card or net banking

Any kind of check or cash or payment sent by mail or hand will not be set up in 4.3

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