FilmiLog is a mission to create meaningful cinema with limited resources.

Filmilog Team


We know that film production is becoming more expensive day by day. The reason for this is the high fees of the stars and some unnecessary expenses.

Cinema is more commercial these days. Everyone is in a rat race to earn money. The real cinema that gives a direction to society is missing. There are some filmmakers who want to make meaningful cinema but cannot find the right stage.

Our first goal is to encourage filmmakers to make good cinema.

Secondly, we want to make meaningful cinema in a low budget with new actors who have the capacity, but are not getting a chance to prove themselves in the current scenario of the film industry.

Third, we are about to start some new unconventional income sources. There you can also earn with your creative works.

We have already started a YouTube channel Filmilog, for new filmmakers. Where you get tips for making films.

For screenwriters, we have Film Scripts bank. Where you upload your synopsis and sale your scripts to producers and directors.

Rakesh Saini with Bappi Lahari
Rakesh Saini with Sadika Randhawa
Filmilog - Redefine Filmmaking


Filmilog is a client-focused full-service media production company based in Mumbai(India), providing videos to build your brand, selling your product. Our reputation was built on excellence in quality and creativity. We also undertake screenwriting, editing, post-production projects. Allow us to bring a fresh and interesting approach to accomplishing your goals.


Corporate Videos, Ads Film, Movie Production, Post-Production, Screenwriting, and Video Editing is our core business. Filmilog designs your project from start to finish. We work with the client to deliver effective, impressive results. 

Rakesh Saini with Kiran Kumar
Filmilog Editing Setup


Filmilog helps companies with strategic plans for using video to stand out from the competition and to increase market share for their product or service. We take small to large projects and provide the best result within your budget.


Filmilog is in Mumbai with crews available throughout India. We also work remotely for screenwriting, editing, post-production. Please call us on +91 998 778 6263 for any clarification.

Kalbelia Dance from Bhanwari ka Jaal