Monday, October 15, 2018

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Welcome to filmilog

Everything you need for your next creative project

About Filmilog

FilmiLog Entertainment is a Mumbai based Film Production House. Also having a studio in Meerut. We provide Filmmaking Services for low budget film, YouTube, web designing and Social Media Marketing.
Myself Rakesh Saini, I started Filmilog Entertainment with the motto of helping young filmmakers. I have seen in Mumbai that people charged you over for making an association card or give you over forecast about making a film and at the end your hands are empty.
Keeping this in mind for help the new filmmakers, I started a youtube channel to educate them and told the reality of film industry. Today on this channel, more than 14,000 subscribers watch the video and tutorials and get benefited.
I wish to make the Filmilog Entertainment a brand where you get the transparency and accurate forecast about your film. You also get all the filmmaking and digital marketing services under one roof.
We are open for any collaboration in your project and creativity.