Boost Sales with Pop-Out Videos by Filmilog

What is a Pop-Out Video?

What is a pop-out video?

Pop-out video is a new way to grab the attention of your consumers.

Boost Sales with Pop-Out Videos by Filmilog

When it plays, suddenly one thing pop-out from the video to your post and this is the hook to grab the attention of your viewers. Actually, it interrupts the pattern, and viewers stop to see it.

Now you show him your message also. Send him to your website, product page, show coupon for sale.

There are many ways of marketing, you know it! But apply that pop-out video grabs the attention of your leads. So, you show him your offers.

See the example below:

Why do we use pop-out videos?

The answer is very simple.

Use pop-out videos to boost your sales. These videos perform very well on social media and other platforms. You can post video on your page or start a paid campaign to grab the engagement and attention of your would-be customer.

It’s expensive to get attention. Not to mention keeping that attention.

Every business uses the same ads and creatives for its marketing.

Consumers just keep scrolling past.

Social media is a huge platform and if we talk about Facebook and Instagram only. They have 3.6 billion monthly active users.

You can reach your target audiences and keep their attention to your product also

Who can use pop-out videos?

Any brand, any company, any restaurant any….

The list is very long. you just think this way that if you need more sales then you should use this new attention builder tool.

Where do we use pop-out videos?

Anywhere. On any platform where you share a video.

Reach and convert audiences on any platform.

Facebook and Instagram

Pop-out videos are the ultimate marketing tool to reach Facebook and Instagram audiences through feed, post, stories


Send it in email without loss of quality. You can add a GIF also.

Existing videos

Use as intro and outro to stand out from the crowd.

Text messenger

Send messenger as a video. You can also make a mock chat.

So, Whether you are a local business or a brand or a freelancer or a company. To Boost your sales you must use pop-out video.

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