Learn How to Format Movie Script

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Format your script to send to Production Houses

Rakesh Saini


Rakesh Saini

Rakesh Saini is a writer, filmmaker and a coach. Having more than 20 years of film industry experience. He is on a mission to make everybody independent entrepreneur.


Who is this workshop for?

Do you want to become a screen writer?

Do you want to learn screen writing?

Do you want to polish your script?

Do you want to establish as a screen writer?

Do you want to start career in film script writing?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions then this workshop is for you!

Attend the workshop to know

Rakesh Saini

What is Screenplay?

Why we need script format?

What we include in the script?

What we don’t include in the script?

Script formatting Softwares

How to format Title Page?

How to format action?

How to format dialogue?

How to format transitions?

How to format slug line?

How to format character?

How to format parenthetical?

Font and font size in format

and much more...

Scrip writing Tool

Bonus #1

Script Writing Tool

You can write fully formatted script for movie, web series or short film in any language on mobile, laptop, tab or desktop.

You will get the pdf in same language.

Film Production house's address

Bonus #2

Address eBook

Addresses of Bollywood production house with phone and email id.

You can send your fully formatted scripts to them.

Screenplay format by Rakesh Saini

Bonus #3

Script Format eBook in Hindi

All Script writing formatting  and tips

Writing Tips by Rakesh Saini

Bonus #4

Writing Tip eBook

52 writing tips

Read and choose the tip and practice in week to master on that

Sample Scripts

Bonus #5

Hindi Film Sample Script

Sample Scripts English

Bonus #6

English Film Sample Script

Web series's Sample scripts

Bonus #7

Web Series Sample Script

Still wondering if this workshop is for you?

This is for you, if

You have always wanted to write a movie script.

You are looking to learn step-by-step script formatting process.

You are concern about your career as screen writer.

You are planning to join Bollywood.

Your scripts rejected so many times.

No extra tax. 18% GST included. You only pay the amount which you see.

Yes. All courses come with a Certificate of Completion, which is downloadable once you complete the course.

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