Screenplay Writer Program

Screenplay Writer Program

There is a big requirement of screenplay writers as more and more stories require by TV channels, OTT providers and off course feature film producers and directors.

In India, very few institutes taught screenplay writing and all of them taught in English. A major chunk of writers in India comes from the Hindi speaking belt. It is a known fact that you understand better in your mother tongue.

Secondly, when you write a Hindi film or script than you must understand the language also.

So, we decide to start a Screenplay writer program in Hindi with practical. You write a full-length script in the program.

Screenwriting — Syllabus

Introduction to Screenwriting: 

  • The visual nature of movies.
  • Screenplays as blueprints.
  • Where to find ideas.
  • Forming a premise.
  • High and low concept.
  • Hollywood vs. Indie.
  • Genre.
  • The usefulness of outlines.

Plot I: 

  • Finding a major dramatic question.
  • The three-act structure.
  • The difference between classic plots and subtle plots.
  • Making a story map.


  • Finding a strong protagonist.
  • Handling other characters.
  • Making characters dimensional through desire and contrasts.
  • Creating character profiles.
  • Showing characters through their actions.


  • How to format a screenplay.
  • Writing effective screenplay description.


  • Scene defined. Length of a scene.
  • Tenets of a good scene—importance, desire/conflict, structure, compression, visual storytelling.
  • Sequences.
  • Making a step outline.


  • Dialogue’s illusion of reality.
  • Compression.
  • Characterization through dialogue.
  • Subtext.
  • Exposition.
  • Stage directions.
  • Voice over.


  • The value of subplots.
  • Romantic Subplots.
  • Other kinds of subplots for the protagonist.
  • Non-protagonist subplots. Subplot structure.
  • Finding subplots in your story.

Plot II: 

  • Creating an effective opening section.
  • Techniques for sustaining Act II.
  • Creating an effective climax.
  • Flashbacks.


  • Developing tone through genre, world, and lightness/darkness.
  • Consistency of tone.
  • Theme defined.
  • Types of the theme.
  • Weaving them into a story.


Exploration of the various stages of revision.

The Business: 

  • Creating pitches.
  • Studios, producers, and representation.
  • How to get your pitch to players in the industry.
  • Query letters.
  • The life of a screenwriter.

All Participants write a full-length screenplay from day 1. It is around 120 pages screenplay on your idea.

Note: Content may vary among individual classes.

Program Duration

Screenplay Writer Program is 3 months online program for new writers. We will provide you video and other materials.

Screenplay Writer Program is actually one to one distance learning program. This program is designed to provide the learning with practical.

Program Fees

Screenplay Writer Program Fees is nil. Yes right! It’s free.

How to start?

  • You must be 12th pass
  • Your age must be 18+
  • Must write and understand Hindi
  • Working knowledge of English
  • You write a screenplay during the course and submit it to us
  • On this screenplay, you get full credit when we make the film
  • You have to deposit ₹10,000/- as refundable security
  • Your deposit refund, after you submit the script
  • Fill the form below for start 3 months online screenplay writer program

Screenplay Writer Program Form

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