Writers benefits with Filmilog

Screen Writer Card Membership

There are 2 ways to become member of ScreenWriter Association.

  • One is download the form and deposit personally at swa office and collect card after 15 days.
  • Second is send it by post with all documents and draft.

If you are from outside Mumbai then that is very expensive to come Mumbai for this. So, you have only option to send it by post but the problem is reference or if something wrong then it will cancel and process again.

Alternatively, we help you in this case. We will send someone with your form on your behalf and work done smoothly. He will go minimum 2 times, first, when deposit form and second, when collect card after 15 days. Then we will send the card to you by courier. For that you will bear the expenses of conveyance, courier charges and his allowance. Apart from fees you have to pay ₹1,500 extra to meet these expanses. 

If you are willing then fill the form below and we contact you regarding this.