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Frequently Asked Questions

Video Editing

Video editing, color correction and grading, motion graphics and text, transitions, logo intros and outros, captions/subtitles, stock footage, background music, green screen keying, audio adjustments: leveling, noise removal, echo reduction… and much much more!

For transferring the files you can use dropbox (just right click on the file/folder and select copy Dropbox link and paste it here) google drive works the same way. WeShare or using fiverr’s attachment feature is also acceptable if the files are small enough. 

Yes! we have a large selection of legally licensed clips that can be used for such purposes (over 900,000!). And we don’t charge extra for that. Please contact us for more details and options.

Yes! we have access to over 30,000 legally licensed music. We can send you a link for selection. We strongly recommend the client chooses which one they like best for their video because music can be a very subjective thing.

We can add a voice over to your video only if provided with the recording by the client. We encourage clients to seek out a voice over artist they like best because voice overs tend to be very subjective. This way the client gets exactly what they want and we can edit it into the video.

Yes! It’s one of our favorite types of video to edit. Send us your footage and we will be more than happy to take a look. Highlight films like this really don’t require an editing script or brief. We will be able to take all your raw footage get the “best of” parts out of it and make a highlight film

All deliverables will be a .mp4 or .mov file. A pro res 422 version can be made for an additional fee. Providing the source file (a Final Cut Pro Library file) is not possible. This is because of licensing restrictions. If you need changes please contact me for revisions

It’s not about just cutting the footage and adding music, It’s about grabbing the attention of the viewer until the video ends, that’s what we do. If no one is watching the whole video, it’s useless. We make your watch time better.

Our essential skill in video production is to understand the client’s requirements and putting efforts until the client’s vision is fulfilled 100% but we always do more than our client’s expectations so that’s 200% fulfilment.

First, you try us. We can be hired for your daily, weekly or monthly videos, It can be negotiated as well as get a fixed rate.

We can handle a project from scratch to finish. Being a  filmmaker, we easily understand how your video grabs the attention of the viewer until the video ends. We love complex issues and we guarantee to solve them. All you need to do is Trust.

We use Adobe Premiere, After effects, Final cut pro, DaVinci Resolve, Fairlight, Fusion, Photoshop.

Editing is a complex process, so please take a minute to give us a quick description of what you want to make sure we can do what you need.