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Film Pre Production in Mumbai

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Story is a backbone of any film. If your story is good and catchy then chances of success is more then 80%.


Efficient budget making is an important part of filmmaking. Don't waist the money and over budget the film. Take care it from pre production


Location and sets are increasing the production value of a film. Carefully choose the right and locations for the film.


Music is an essential part in Indian Music. Consider Budget and quality is more important when you choose this.


Artist management is an essential part of filmmaking. You spent a heavy budget on artists. So, choose carefully.


Technician and crew makes the good movies. Good knowledge of film craft and understanding with budget is necessary for them.

We provide Turnkey Services

We plan a project according to your budget and execute according to that so your film never over budget.

Every film has its unique flavour, so everything done according to that. From pre production budget to artist to music and technician fix according to that.

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  • Get In Touch: 820-851-1915

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