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Post production

Editing to final print

Film Post Production Services

the trip of Your Filmmaking


Proper Editing enhance the film. A good editor make the film from the scratch.


Combination of good story and VFX gives extra mile to the film in post production.


Sound mixing is backbone. If you do everything good and sound not properly mix then no body hear what you say in the film.


Film not give any impact if Sound is not good. Dubbing of dialogue is a must for proper sound.


Digital intermediate (typically abbreviated to DI) uses digital tools to color grade.


After so many process and hectic schedule. Finally you get the final print as DPX file. After that Censor and releasing is last process.

We provide Turnkey Services

We plan a project according to your budget and execute according to that so your film never over budget.

Every film has its unique flavour, so everything done according to that. From budget to artist to music and technician fix according to that till post production.

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