Make a Movie in 5 Lacs

When you want to make a movie in low budget. You have to do multitasking. You are a writer, you are a director, you are a cinematographer. In fact, you are all in one in the low budget movie.

From story selection to final editing you have to do many tasks yourself. For that, you need to know the art of filmmaking. Without knowledge of filmmaking, you might not be able to make a film in such a low budget.

Now there is two way,

Do it Yourself or By experts.

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Making by or with Filmilog collaboration

We will do it within the budget. This amount is for up to final editing. 

Censor charges and releasing amount is not including in it. 

If your story needs more budget then there is two way. Ist, we collaborate with you. IInd, two or more investor join the project. 

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Do It Yourself

You can make a movie in such a low budget if you have the knowledge of filmmaking else you don't.

These are simple steps you must follow:

  • Choose a story with minimum characters and locations.
  • Plan everything on paper.
  • Take help from friends.
  • Arrange all things either free or minimum cost.
  • Do Workshop with artists.
  • Do movie in a single schedule.
  • Spent money where require not everywhere.
  • Give more time on Post-production.

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