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Film Production Services in Mumbai

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Shooting should be smoothly run so that we meet the schedule and avoid over budgeting due to more shooting days.


Proper accounting is must to avoid pilferage. This will also reduce costing and provide upto date expenses.


Co-ordination between all the department is must to complete the shooting or film production within the schedule.


Scheduling must be done properly to avoid hustle and bustle on the set. This also avoid over crowding.


In shooting we need many equipments. Avoid over ordering this. As this will costly and increase your budget.


Catering is a most important part during shooting. Cast and crew must get the proper food on time.

We provide Turnkey Services

We plan a project according to your budget and execute according to that so your film never over budget.

Every film has its unique flavour, so everything done according to that. From film production budget to artist to music and technician fix according to that.

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