Celtx for Filmmaker

Celtx filmmaker
Celtx filmmaker

Filmmaker must learn the Celtx for time-saving and multitasking

If you are a filmmaker and want to save time and make breakdown, schedule etc in a smooth way. Then Celtx is very useful for you.

There are many software where you easily have done many works and Celtx is one of them. It is the most popular software in the film industry.

Join learning Celtx for filmmaker

  • Celtx overview
  • How to start filmmaking in Celtx
  • How to make a schedule
  • How to make a breakdown
  • How to separate dialog
  • How to add a camera angle
  • How to sketches
  • How to add audio/photo in the script
  • How to use the scratchpad
  • How to use an index card
  • How to make the title page
  • How to add storyboard
  • How to add scene details
  • How to add character’s details
  • How to add notes in the script

Video learning

You will learn by videos

Bonus for joining Celtx learning for filmmaker now

Lifetime ask any question regarding Celtx use

Celtx Desktop Software

Celtx learning for filmmaker Fees

Total fee is ₹999/-

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